About Us...

3 Generations of Quality, Nutrition,

& a lifetime of customer satisfaction


Left to Right:

Mark Jr., Leonard, Lenny, Mark L., and Jeff

Three generations of the Schmidt Family

Nutrition Bar Confectioners is located in Cato N.Y., in the finger lakes region of central New York near Syracuse.

We began producing Nutrition bars in the late 1970's and continue to be a proud family owned and operated business, now in it's third generation.

Over more than three decades since we began, we have produced hundreds of millions of bars of all types, most for major companies with national brands.

However, while we have high volume capability, we do not consider any customer too small and provide the same attention and dedication to quality to each and every customer regardless of size or volume.

Our new production lines are state of the art, high speed, high volume, automated and versatile, capable of producing all types of bars, including extruded high density type, such as protein bars, as well as low density, multi-particulate granola and cereal type bars made on our slab line.

Because we are family owned and operated, we have great flexibility in accommodating customer's requirements and preferred methods of operations. We can also facilitate product research and development and provide customers with the means to acquire proprietary ownership of their own products, recipes and formulations. We will also produce under confidential terms for those customers who already have their own proprietary products and brands.

In keeping with the tradition of the Schmidt family, Nutrition Bar Confectioners is dedicated to providing outstanding service and competitive pricing to all of our valued customers. If your company is looking for the highest quality bar manufacturer, contact Nutrition Bar Confectioners we are here to serve you.