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3 Generations of Quality, Nutrition,

& a lifetime of customer satisfaction


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A Brief History

Starting out in 1978 in the kitchen of their home, Leonard and Jeannie Schmidt made the first of many Nutrition bars.

Together with their son Mark they began the business under the name Incred-a-Meal and built and equipped a 3000 sq.ft. nutrition bar production facility producing their own proprietary formulations for their customers.

While the Schmidt's commitment to maintaining the highest of standards has never changed, the manufacturing facility has undergone significant changes over the years, growing from the original 3000 sq ft. structure to a 65,000 sq.ft. production facility with capacity and capability increased many times over.

As technology advances, we continue to make improvements on our systems and equipment which makes us as efficient and competitive as anyone in the industry.

Throughout their high school years in the 1990's Mark's sons Lenny, Mark Jr.,and Jeffery all worked part time in the family business.

In 2007 with our new name, Nutrition Bar Confectioners LLC, Mark's sons officially became co-owners and have taken over daily operations, while Leonard and Jeannie continue to guide and advise, thus completing three generations of family owned and operated business

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