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Quality Assurance and Food Safety

3 Generations of Quality, Nutrition,

& a lifetime of customer satisfaction

At Nutrition Bar Confectioners, we are committed to the production and supply of safe and high quality food products to our customers. This is accomplished through the training and education of our work force, adherence to all regulatory and customer requirements relative to safe quality food programs, systems, protocols, and by our diligence and commitment toward continued improvement.

Our commitment to high quality, safe foods is our number one priority and all programs and policies in place, now and in the future will ensure that high level of quality expected by our customers.

By creating an environment where employees take pride in their work and feel a responsibility to report any potential food safety issues, and by reviewing and updating our food safety programs annually or as otherwise needed, we will meet our objective to consistently provide our customers with a safe, quality product.

Although our processing systems and methods may be changed and updated as technology progresses, our policies of sustaining an ongoing culture of conscientiousness and our dedication to our goal of excellence in our field will always remain the same.

Nutrition Bar Confectioners adheres to a variety of established programs and procedures to ensure the safe processing of products.

We submit to routine third party audits, comply with all federal, state, and local laws, and operate in accordance with title 21 of the code of federal regulations governing good manufacturing practices.

We undergo routine inspections by FDA and are also inspected by New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.

Nutrition Bar Confectioners is currently certified through AIB and is Orthodox Union Kosher.

We have implemented extensive HACCP, GMP, and Allergen control programs to ensure the ongoing safety and quality of the products that we process at our facility.

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