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Bar Processing Capabilities

Nutrition Bar Confectioners is capable of producing many varieties of bars, including fully enrobed, partial enrobed, ( bottom coated ), or uncoated bars, with or without layering or particulate deposits

Slab Bar Line:

The Slab method of forming product into bars is exactly what the term slab infers.

The product is placed onto a conveyer and travels beneath rollers which gently form it into a slab, or sheet.

The product is then cooled as it travels through a cooling tunnel, then is slit into rows, or 'ribbons' before being cut to the desired bar length.

If the bars are to be coated, they will pass through our enrober prior to entering a second cooling tunnel before being individually wrapped.

Typically, the slab forming process is used for granola and cereal type bars where the objective is a less dense product and whole particulates, such as nuts and grains are desired.

Extruded Bar Line:

The extrusion process forces the product through a set of rollers and into a row of forming dies under pressure.

The product comes out of the dies directly onto a conveyor in rows and is cut to the desired length prior to enrobing, ( if coated ) and cooling.

The finished bars are then individually wrapped and packaged for shipment.

The extrusion process is used when the objective is a high density product such as high protein and /or nutrient dense bars.

Layering and Depositing:

Layering can be done on either the Slab line or the Extrusion line.

Typical layering material is caramel or fudge but can also be fruit paste or other material.

Depositing is done on the Slab line where metered amounts of particulates such as nuts, chocolate chips, or fruit or candy pieces are applied to the slab as it travels on the conveyor.

Bar Types:

We currently produce a wide range of bars for our various customers for a variety of market targets, such as weight loss, sports nutrition, and meal replacement.

Those bar types include:

Granola Bars

Fruit & Nut Bars

Cereal Bars

Nougat Bars

High Protein Bars

High Carb Bars

Caramel Layered Bars

Marshmallow Layered Bars

Fruit Layered Bars

Bars with Nuts and Fruit Deposits

Bars with Chocolate Chip Deposits

Fully Enrobed, Bottom Coated, Uncoated Bars

Packaging Capabilities:

Our packaging systems have evolved and developed through many years of experience.

Based on that experience and the knowledge acquired through our research we have developed highly versatile and efficient packaging systems that incorporate and combine high speed automation with manual application of certain systems.

This highly efficient "semi automated" system consists of high speed wrappers, cartoners,and automated case packers, and provides us with the level of versatility and efficiency that our customers demand.

Production & Manufacturing:

At Nutrition Bar Confectioners, we are able to produce both small and large volumes of bars. Easily capable of producing up to 200,000 bars per day on a single production line per shift, we will also produce for companies which require much smaller daily volumes where there may be several changeovers per day.

Our high speed production and packaging lines will ensure that all bars manufactured will be completed quickly and efficiently.

We will always work closely with each customer to satisfy their needs for volume sizes and we’ll manufacture product in accordance to each customer’s specifications to ensure high quality and great tasting bars.

Customer Service:

While Nutrition Bar Confectioners is capable of handling large volume customers, it has always been our philosophy that small volume customers are in every sense just as important.

In fact in our experience 10 small customers doing the same volume as one large customer is often preferable.

As such, whatever your volume, be it large or small, you can expect the same attention, and you'll experience the same dedication to service and commitment to quality that we provide to all of our customers.

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